This Week’s Horoscope

People often ask me where I get my inspiration in life. I always try to answer honestly because it’s so good for the soul! Truly, I think most inspiration comes from the details around me. Like yesterday, for example, while my sister’s boyfriend (C) said he ritually slaughtered goats for his cult, I saw that my sister had a new throw pillow. I told her I LOVED it and she was SO touched that I noticed!

So keep that in mind while you are all getting ready for the weekend, and enjoy these horoscopes <3


It’s not the walker that chooses the path, but the GPS device in the walker’s hands. Hold tight, you’re in for a wild ride.


A boyfriend may seem like a great way to impress your family and convince them you are liked by someone, but be aware that rushed decisions can often end badly.


Invest time and money into something you care about. Like this.


Never let go of a past love- especially if you are the hand holding them over the edge of a cliff. Dropping will get you convicted for murder. I know from experience.


It’s time to buy that purse that you’ve always wanted.


If a Pisces friend offers you a drink this weekend, turn it down. There is a 87% chance the drink is poisoned.


Be a good samaritan and offer your Scorpio friends a refreshing beverage. They will totally appreciate it.


Thinking of dying your hair a fun color? Think again and maybe consider this alternative.


An eclipse may throw a shadow across your dreams this month.


You will never forget what you saw last night. Never.


Adding fake plants to your bathroom is an effortless way to make showers feel like a tropic oasis. Just try to avoid covering the drain with them!


Curious if your man is into you? Chances are he probably isn’t.

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