The “C” Section

Welcome to the “C” Section here at Desgeulasse! Moderated and created by C himself. Here we like to promote open discussion between our users (and web crawlers). If you have any questions about me or anything else (Phyllis’s eating habits, Primrose’s road to recovery, or where A has been these last few weeks – hint: it’s not a butcher shop, but it’s close), please send them in. We will post some of favorite questions/replies here.

C, what do you look for in a woman? – Benjamina

I am looking for someone who is within 2 or 3 standard deviations of the national average in the following categories: intelligence, physical appearance, and social competence. Above all else, I am looking for someone who is passionate about the art of miming, or at least interested in general mimicry.

What’s it like being you, C? – anonymous

I try to take it day by day. I thank God every day for the gifts he gave me, all of which are intangible. And I can’t complain about my financial situation – you wouldn’t believe how much Phyllis is paying me to keep this site up.

C, is it true you were once a cult leader? – Mildo

Thank you for this question, I was hoping I would get the chance to clear this up. If you go by the textbook definition of cult – “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister” – then I would have to say no. I have never heard the words “strange” or “sinister” used to describe the commune I ran a few years ago. Some members were skeptical of our teachings at first, but, like all of us, they grew to understand that the path through The Lone Wolf’s Eye is filled with self-induced narcosis and frequent cartilage exchanges. We had a lot of fun.

What is your favorite private memory of the Desgeulasse sisters? – BRITHANY

It’s really too hard to choose. There are so few options and none of them were particularly interesting.

I want to have a really awesome playlist at my next party. It’s really low-key, just friends and family coming over to celebrate our dog’s third birthday. Any song suggestions? – anon

In my experience, most people enjoy a pure, low sine wave played at a high volume. I really like 42 Hz, it’s got a great ring to it. I just leave this site open all night during my parties if I need to make some minor adjustments. If you’re really feeling adventurous, I would recommend opening the site on two separate windows – play a 41 Hz Sine Wave on one of them and a 46 Hz Sine Wave on the other. Everyone should enjoy the smooth sound of that lovely phase cancellation.


“Looking forward to your future questions!” – C