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Your June Horoscope | Week IV

It’s almost July, can you believe it!? Sometimes, when I wake up alone in the dark depths of the night, wondering why my boyfriend A won’t leave his pregnant wife for me, I like to reflect on the brevity of time and the importance of seizing the day. …

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Your May Horoscope: Week II

I try to make all weekly decisions based off these star charts- I hope you all do the same!  Aries: If you haven’t tried it recently, quit your job. You’ll be amazed at how different life becomes when you don’t have a steady income.  Taurus: Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at least once this week. The warm, soothing flavors will make it easier to get over the guilt you’re feeling after you betrayed your best friend. Gemini: Don’t buy…

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Book Review: Full Package Delivery

Hey all you faithful Des Geulasse readers- Phyllis here with another great recommendation for the perfect summer read… Full Package Delivery. It is by far the sauciest, steamiest romance I’ve read all summer so thank goodness it’s a series of twelve! Full Package Delivery tells the story of a young mail woman (named Ivanna) who, whilst delivering a package, witnesses a brutal murder by New York’s top crime boss. After going to the police, the beautiful Ivanna must go undercover to…

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DIY Art Deco Ice Cubes

With the summer season literally around the corner, I think most of us are ready to break out those ice cold drinks in tall glasses while we lounge by the poolside. I mean honestly, is there anything better than sipping a margarita on the rocks while soaking up the sun?? Personally I like to take my drinks game to the next level by focusing on the details. A mini umbrella, cute straw or even slices of fruit are so easy to…

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