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June Fashion Forecast

I love the response we got to our last Fashion Forecast (and seriously, were we spot on or what??) so here we come again with the perfect style guide to June.…

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Get the Look: The PETA Vic.

As I’m sure you all have heard, Cleveland Fashion Week was out of this world this year- and I’m not just talking about designer Peiter Von Gabrielle’s martian inspired ear muffs. Thanks to my elite blogger status, I had a front row seat to 3 of the most incredible runway shows I have EVER attended and I can say with 75% certainty that fashion in 2017 will be better than it was in 1876, 1922, 1975, 1987, 1991 and 2011…

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Humble Living with a Personal Photographer

Des Geulasse spent the day with Japanese ‘It-Girl’ Miyu Topa Topa to get the scoop on beauty, fashion, and what it’s like living with a personal photographer. All translations were done on site by Phyllis and Primrose Geulasse.  DG: Hi Miss Topa Topa, Thank you for getting together with us today.  MTT: Please, I would prefer that you were to call me by my first name, Miyu. Thank you the pleasure is mine. It is lovely to meet you both as I…

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