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August Horoscope | Week I

People often ask me where I get my inspiration in life. I always try to answer honestly because it’s so good for the soul! Truly, I think most inspiration comes from the details around me.…

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Your June Horoscope | Week IV

It’s almost July, can you believe it!? Sometimes, when I wake up alone in the dark depths of the night, wondering why my boyfriend A won’t leave his pregnant wife for me, I like to reflect on the brevity of time and the importance of seizing the day. …

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Your June Horoscope: Week I

Prim and I are C.R.A.Z.Y about Hawaii and are loving all the free accommodations and amazing meals we’ve been given. Primrose would say her freshly made Ahi Tuna Bowl was the best thing ever, but I must say my Chicken Poke Bowl was beyond delicious- we’re really just all about that raw Kauai diet.…

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Vodka Talks

For the second in our introspective life series, Vodka Talks, Primrose and I thought it would be particularly relevant to touch upon the timely topic that many Americans are dealing with right now: New Year’s Resolutions. We met up with a few key Des Geulasse founders and supporters to discuss what resolutions mean to us both (literally and meta-physically) and what we’re planning to do with them over the coming years. As always, each participant was required to do seventeen shots…

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Your October Horoscope: Week I

Happy Friday all you passionate Des Geulasse fans- can you believe another month has ended?! Honestly, I literally thought September would last forever. It really surprised me today to see October predictions in my star charts. Well I say good riddance to the beastly hot September (shout out to our LA readers!).…

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Break Up Brunch

Have you ever been in a relationship that you just knew wasn’t right? Like, you enjoy the company of the person you’re with but you just don’t love them? Being in a relationship like that can be SO difficult because you want to end it, but you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings- they did nothing wrong! The 100% best way to deal with that sort of situation is to break it off gently, with a Break Up Brunch.…

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