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August Horoscope | Week I

People often ask me where I get my inspiration in life. I always try to answer honestly because it’s so good for the soul! Truly, I think most inspiration comes from the details around me.…

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Your January Horoscope: Week II

Like my boyfriend A, the stars are distant, enigmatic creatures of darkness that appear only at night and never invite me over to their own homes. Unlike my boyfriend A, there are thousands of stars in the universe… there is no one quite like my A 😉 Aries: Buttons fall off, but can always be sewn back on again. All you need is a needle, thread, and a some super glue.  Taurus: Imagine a world where all the humans are…

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Vodka Talks

Hello all you beautiful Des Geulasse readers out there! Primrose and I have decided it’s time to implement a new series we call Vodka Talks where we can get together with our dearest friends, do a few shots of vodka, and then share our opinions in a loving and caring environment. We love feeling feelings and we want all our readers to get to know us better 🙂 So to start things off, we decided to touch on a topic that’s…

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LA Trend Watch: Wine Touching

I just had the girliest weekend ever and I swear I have #noregrets. Primrose and I went out with a few of our dear friends to do some wine tasting, get manicures, and just total gossip about our love lives non-stop. It was so amazing and EXACTLY the kind of weekend I needed to relax and detox. You see recently things with A have been a little rough. He’s been acting a little distant ever since I told him he needed…

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Famping with Friends

My sister, Primrose, and I have a longstanding tradition. Every year for Memorial Day we gather up a group of our dearest friends and head into the great outdoors for camping… with a spin.…

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