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Your June Horoscope: Week I

Prim and I are C.R.A.Z.Y about Hawaii and are loving all the free accommodations and amazing meals we’ve been given. Primrose would say her freshly made Ahi Tuna Bowl was the best thing ever, but I must say my Chicken Poke Bowl was beyond delicious- we’re really just all about that raw Kauai diet.…

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Your Guide to Poormet

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced any of the following problems: You’re a recent grad with a low paying job just wishing you could enjoy a nice meal every once in a while. You want to have great food photography on Insta… but your boyfriend is too cheap to take you out every night. You accidentally spent your paycheck on lipstick and bulgogi but still want to enjoy a good dinner at Chez Panisse. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to take you…

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Entertaining in Small Spaces: The Closet Dinner Party

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard A exclaim “your apartment is the size of a shoebox!” while attempting to find a place to put the futon down for the night, I’d probably have enough money to buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks.  Seriously, it’s tiny. For the first couple months of living there I never invited friends over- I mean where would they sit?? It was easier to just meet up at LA’s yummy Nobu or…

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DIY Art Deco Ice Cubes

With the summer season literally around the corner, I think most of us are ready to break out those ice cold drinks in tall glasses while we lounge by the poolside. I mean honestly, is there anything better than sipping a margarita on the rocks while soaking up the sun?? Personally I like to take my drinks game to the next level by focusing on the details. A mini umbrella, cute straw or even slices of fruit are so easy to…

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TexMex Paletas

With bikini season around the corner, we’ve found ourselves replacing more and more meals with popsicles. They’re fresh, quick, healthy, and get us so excited for summer. Traditional fruit and booze popsicles have long been a Geulasse family favorite; I remember learning how much tequila would prevent our margarita popsicles from freezing before I knew how to make toast or pour cereal! But let’s face it, all that sugar in traditional popsicles does nothing for our waistlines, and this is not the…

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Spice Drawer Tea

My sister, Primrose, and I grew up with amazingly hard working parents. It was such an inspiration for us to see how successful a person can be if they dream to achieve, but it could be hard when work kept them out for sometimes days at a time.…

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