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The Flower Balaclava

I’m sure by now you all are over seeing flower crowns flooding your Instagrams as summer gets into full swing. I know I am! That’s why I am so happy to present the newest trend to hit the runway: the Flower Balaclava.…

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E-femme-ral Nail Art

Romance author Rebecca Roybokssøn once said, “Life is unpredictable, it is ephemeral. It often slips through our grasp and falls away, much like the delicate petals of a dying flower”.…

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Easy Summer Boho Fashion

I swear I am such a flower child sometimes. I love walking around barefoot and I love nature and I L.O.V.E. anything floral. Call me a hippie if you want- I’m too ‘peace’ and ‘love’ to mind 😉 So one of my favorite things is incorporating natural things into what I wear. People often think flower crowns are just for music festivals or the Renaissance fair but I say take it further! Let your inner boho girl out with more…

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