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Your June Horoscope | Week IV

It’s almost July, can you believe it!? Sometimes, when I wake up alone in the dark depths of the night, wondering why my boyfriend A won’t leave his pregnant wife for me, I like to reflect on the brevity of time and the importance of seizing the day. …

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DIY Art Deco Ice Cubes

With the summer season literally around the corner, I think most of us are ready to break out those ice cold drinks in tall glasses while we lounge by the poolside. I mean honestly, is there anything better than sipping a margarita on the rocks while soaking up the sun?? Personally I like to take my drinks game to the next level by focusing on the details. A mini umbrella, cute straw or even slices of fruit are so easy to…

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The Mayover

A continuation of our Five Uses for Mayo for Your Cinco de Mayo Series. Check out Part I here.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling down (which is like all the time now that The Bachelor is over!!) is to allow myself a little me time. Most days this just means fixing up a bowl of Talenti’s Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato and reading a few chapters from the latest Johanna Lindsey novel (#bloggerlife) BUT every once in…

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Spice Drawer Tea

My sister, Primrose, and I grew up with amazingly hard working parents. It was such an inspiration for us to see how successful a person can be if they dream to achieve, but it could be hard when work kept them out for sometimes days at a time.…

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