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DIY Baby Career Reveal Cake

My boyfriend A and I have been getting into all sorts of arguments and disagreements recently and it’s honestly been really upsetting. At first I thought it was because of the full moon (him being a Gemini and all) but when I started to push him to talk he finally dropped a major bomb… His wife is pregnant. AGAIN. I was beyond shocked- here he won’t even give me an engagement ring but he’s all ready to give her a baby?…

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Your Guide to Poormet

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced any of the following problems: You’re a recent grad with a low paying job just wishing you could enjoy a nice meal every once in a while. You want to have great food photography on Insta… but your boyfriend is too cheap to take you out every night. You accidentally spent your paycheck on lipstick and bulgogi but still want to enjoy a good dinner at Chez Panisse. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to take you…

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Entertaining in Small Spaces: The Closet Dinner Party

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard A exclaim “your apartment is the size of a shoebox!” while attempting to find a place to put the futon down for the night, I’d probably have enough money to buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks.  Seriously, it’s tiny. For the first couple months of living there I never invited friends over- I mean where would they sit?? It was easier to just meet up at LA’s yummy Nobu or…

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Woodland High Tea

I am so honored by the great response to the Des Geulasse guide to Famping. I had no idea so many people were interested! Primrose and I received so many emails asking for more details that it seemed only right to make today’s post a continuation on what we do in the woods. And, obviously, a real Famping experience is not complete without a midday tea party. Woodland High Tea is a longstanding Geulasse tradition. I remember the first time our mother…

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