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Your Perfect Brendan Fraser Cocktail

As we continue to raise awareness for the #SaveBrendan movement, Prim and I wanted to show readers how Brendan Fraser can play an integral role in daily life. We spent this weekend watching our favorite Fraser films and coming up with about a MILLION creative and easy ways for all our readers to bring a little more of Brendan into everyday moments. We started with The Mummy (we are totally boycotting the Tom Cruise version, trust), and moved from there…

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Entertaining in Small Spaces: The Closet Dinner Party

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard A exclaim “your apartment is the size of a shoebox!” while attempting to find a place to put the futon down for the night, I’d probably have enough money to buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks.  Seriously, it’s tiny. For the first couple months of living there I never invited friends over- I mean where would they sit?? It was easier to just meet up at LA’s yummy Nobu or…

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LA Trend Watch: Wine Touching

I just had the girliest weekend ever and I swear I have #noregrets. Primrose and I went out with a few of our dear friends to do some wine tasting, get manicures, and just total gossip about our love lives non-stop. It was so amazing and EXACTLY the kind of weekend I needed to relax and detox. You see recently things with A have been a little rough. He’s been acting a little distant ever since I told him he needed…

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