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Impress Your Friends with Food that Looks Homemade

I am a huge believer in dinner parties. To me, there is nothing more real than long night spent laughing with a glass of wine in hand while letting the candles on the table slowly run down. Honestly though, one of the most important things that will make or break a dinner party is the food. I have been to far too many dinner parties where the hostess thinks it’s okay to pick up some pre-made side dishes from Whole…

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Your Guide to Poormet

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced any of the following problems: You’re a recent grad with a low paying job just wishing you could enjoy a nice meal every once in a while. You want to have great food photography on Insta… but your boyfriend is too cheap to take you out every night. You accidentally spent your paycheck on lipstick and bulgogi but still want to enjoy a good dinner at Chez Panisse. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to take you…

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A Drinkable Superfood

Last week A introduced me to what is probably my newest fave superfood. I am LITERALLY crazy about it, it is changing the way I live my life! I definitely had heard of it before- but to be honest I was never really interested in trying it before because it sounded pretty bland. It wasn’t until we were out at dinner last week and A offered me a sip that I realized I have totally been missing out. And THEN…

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Ice Cube Love Letters

I am always desperately searching for new ways to show A I care- and one of my favorite ways is to leave him little notes in creative ways. I love the look on his face when he discovers them (he always acts so embarrassed, it’s adorable!) and I really love knowing I’ve given him a little piece of my literary soul in a physical form. I recently tried a little something that I think ALL OF YOU need to do…

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