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Your June Horoscope | Week IV

It’s almost July, can you believe it!? Sometimes, when I wake up alone in the dark depths of the night, wondering why my boyfriend A won’t leave his pregnant wife for me, I like to reflect on the brevity of time and the importance of seizing the day. …

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Woodland High Tea

I am so honored by the great response to the Des Geulasse guide to Famping. I had no idea so many people were interested! Primrose and I received so many emails asking for more details that it seemed only right to make today’s post a continuation on what we do in the woods. And, obviously, a real Famping experience is not complete without a midday tea party. Woodland High Tea is a longstanding Geulasse tradition. I remember the first time our mother…

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Mayo Frosted Cake

Welcome to the third installment of the Geulasse Sister’s Five Uses for Mayo for Your Cinco de Mayo! You should definitely check out part 1 and part II after this. This morning Primrose and I spent hours choosing between our favorite mayonnaise recipes, tips, tricks and treats (we have thousands!) and decided upon one of our favorites: The Mayo Frosted Cake. This low cal high flavor dessert is always a hit in the Geulasse household, and honestly it’s the perfect end of…

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