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Book Review | The Rat King

I know what you all are thinking, The Rat King? That’s so mainstream! Don’t you usually review books that aren’t on the Cleveland Journal’s bestseller list?…

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A “Me” Day For “You”

Des Geulasse is so excited to be introducing a new author to the team: Darina Mamelon. Darina has been a longtime friend and confidante of mine- I always find her opinions on raw poultry to be incredibly insightful.  Since she was forcibly removed from her last job and is currently in hiding I saw that as the  perfect opportunity to invite her aboard and we look forward to all the scintillating, in-depth articles she will produce.  -Phyllis   Sometimes when…

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Just Your Average Girl | Amelia McGee

I am so pleased to announce that Des Geulasse will be starting a new, incredibly moving series: Just Your Average Girl. We’ll be interviewing everyday women from around LA and getting a glimpse into their average lives. It took a while to start finding the right kind of women for this series, but I think you will all be OBSESSED with everyone once we get rolling. Without further ado, let me introduce you all to completely average Amelia McGee!! Phyllis: Hi…

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How to Find Paris Without Leaving LA

I’m going to be honest here… I’ve never traveled outside the state of California. I know what you all must be thinking- But you’re so mature and worldly! How is that possible?? Honestly I’m not even sure, I guess I’ve always been so busy living life that I’ve never had the opportunity to truly live. Now I’ve always considered myself a bit of a francophile (because I love croissants and took French in high school), so whenever I feel overcome by the…

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