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Your Perfect Brendan Fraser Cocktail

As we continue to raise awareness for the #SaveBrendan movement, Prim and I wanted to show readers how Brendan Fraser can play an integral role in daily life. We spent this weekend watching our favorite Fraser films and coming up with about a MILLION creative and easy ways for all our readers to bring a little more of Brendan into everyday moments. We started with The Mummy (we are totally boycotting the Tom Cruise version, trust), and moved from there…

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The Meatini

Yesterday was a hard day at Des Geulasse headquarters. I’ll be perfectly honest here… my sister and I don’t believe in democracy or really any form of leadership. But that being said, even if we did we would still have a hard time accepting Donald Trump as our president. We spent the majority of the day yesterday crying and staring at our Instagram feeds, trying to understand where everything went wrong. We also refrained from posting. The DIY Hillary Clinton…

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Ice Cube Love Letters

I am always desperately searching for new ways to show A I care- and one of my favorite ways is to leave him little notes in creative ways. I love the look on his face when he discovers them (he always acts so embarrassed, it’s adorable!) and I really love knowing I’ve given him a little piece of my literary soul in a physical form. I recently tried a little something that I think ALL OF YOU need to do…

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DIY Art Deco Ice Cubes

With the summer season literally around the corner, I think most of us are ready to break out those ice cold drinks in tall glasses while we lounge by the poolside. I mean honestly, is there anything better than sipping a margarita on the rocks while soaking up the sun?? Personally I like to take my drinks game to the next level by focusing on the details. A mini umbrella, cute straw or even slices of fruit are so easy to…

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June Horoscopes: Week I

Aries: Drink a Manhattan and say yes to that new job offer in NYC. It will be exactly the change you’ve been waiting for.  Taurus: Drink a large glass of rosé, it will be so refreshing and will inspire you to get outdoors more. As they say, a glass of rosé makes the clouds go away. And cloudless days are great for hikes. Gemini: Drink an Einstöck. Icelandic beer is such a treat and after what your boss put you…

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