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Book Review | What’s On the MENu

Most people admit growing up was hard- but for Nashville born Elena Sitke, puberty and sibling squabbles were have the battle. Her first ever memoir, What’s On the MENu is a stunning and in-depth look at life in a family of cannibals.…

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Book Review | A Beautiful Hell

Picture this: A dark room with walls that seem to have no end and a ceiling that seems to fall too low; a smell like burning hair and musty cupboards; the distant cries of pain and suffering echoing around and around 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Welcome to Hell.  In my favorite new winter read, A Beautiful Hell, author Jamie Authorson (or should I say, the modern day Dante) brings the reader along through the most incredibly vivacious…

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Book Review: Gobble Me Up

When beautiful (but stuck up) city girl, Rachel, visits her grandmother’s farm for Thanksgiving weekend, little does she expect to meet André, the hunkiest farm-boy in America. Wooing him should have been easy with her big city ways, but André is apparently immune to her looks and she seems to only succeed at looking ridiculous in front of him. Could things get any worse? Rachel is about to give up and go home on the eve of the Thanksgiving feast……

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Book Review: House of Espionage

The year is 2040. World War III has been over for approximately seven months and all major nations are still on edge. It seems the only thing humanity can agree on… is fashion. And thus starts my new favorite book of the summer, Kasey O’Cassey’s new release The House of Espionage. It’s spy thriller meets romantic comedy meets high fashion style guide and I can honestly not get enough. Set in the not so distant future, O’Cassey introduces the reader to a…

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Book Review: Full Package Delivery

Hey all you faithful Des Geulasse readers- Phyllis here with another great recommendation for the perfect summer read… Full Package Delivery. It is by far the sauciest, steamiest romance I’ve read all summer so thank goodness it’s a series of twelve! Full Package Delivery tells the story of a young mail woman (named Ivanna) who, whilst delivering a package, witnesses a brutal murder by New York’s top crime boss. After going to the police, the beautiful Ivanna must go undercover to…

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Book Review: Secret Fire

Over the last couple weeks many of you lovely readers have been asking for my book advice. I am honored that you all recognize me as an avid reader, and I am touched to know my taste is already this respected. Unfortunately for me, I am so well read that it has actually hindered this post.…

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