Refreshing Beach Cubes

Bring home the beach with this simple and chic DIY. 

If you were to ask me what my favorite part about summer is, I would 100% have to say: sand! Just thinking about it has me feeling like I could toss aside my sandals, wade into the crystal clear ocean, and forget about the loan shark if I just close my eyes and do it.

My sister, Phyllis, is not a beach person. But me? I’m a mermaid through and through. Let’s be honest- this post is more an ode to the sand between my toes and the crashing of the waves in my heart than anything else.

So how do I get my beach fix when I’m miles away from my ocean heaven and my car is still impounded? How do I, metaphysically speaking, move beyond my current cosmic position in the milky way? I bring the sand to me. That’s how.

Freezing sand in ice cubes is literally the most perfect way to ensure that beach day nostalgia hits hard. It’s simple, quick, and cool in more ways than one 😉

I love the way frozen sand creates abstract patterns and shapes, allowing whoever is using them to escape reality and fall into easy summer day-dreams. One might see a heart, a sun, an episode of Pawn Stars, or even a flower.

To make, just add sand to any ice tray (I used stars here for a little extra pizazz!) and freeze until solid. Then gently drop into a drink of your choice. Friends will love the surprise of having such beautiful ice cubes decorating their cocktails.

Pro-tip: If you’re not able to get sand, any light colored dirt or grit will work in it’s place. Just be sure not to ingest ANY of it !


  1. Karla B.

    This is really sweet, I don’t live close to the beach so I think this would be a nice way for me to experience a total ‘beach day’ without driving a million hours. Thanks!


    1. desgeulasse

      Thank you Heather, the drink is as smooth as my current emotional state! So glad to hear from you again, we missed you during our hiatus <3

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