Links We Love

Here at blog headquarters we feel it’s so important to come together as a team and discuss what’s going on in the world. It’s such a beautiful and shared experience to take a moment and just really talk with coworkers (except for when Cindy talks, her voice is so nasally and weird, LOL)! 

The main thing we go over is what’s new in the internet world. And let’s be honest, there is ALWAYS something new! Last week, when we were all standing outside because my mom wouldn’t let us hang out in the kitchen until the cleaners were done in there, one of our cherished employees (Nick from IT) had the brilliant idea that we should start a series on the blog to share our favorite things from around the web. Round of applause for Nick!

So here’s our little roundup of links we love from this past month.

These are perfect for a pre-lunch snack!

I’d love to drink coffee out of these abstract geometric mugs.

Real question we’ve all had is finally answered.

Really into redesigning my home right now, so much good stuff out there!

Definitely planning on buying a few of these this fall.

Interesting little life hack! Going to be trying it out tomorrow AM on my commute.

Really great read. 

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!

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