The Hand(y) Diet

The perfect (and easy!) home remedy for your dieting needs is here!

With bikini season over and the holidays quickly approaching I’ve been seriously panicking about how to maintain my ripped six pack and 17″ thigh gap. I personally LOVE candy and sweets, but I hate the extra rolls that come with it all (unless they’re cinnamon rolls, lol)! So this year I’ve decided to try out a new and TOTALLY EASY diet trend: The Hand Mouth.

Do you remember being a kid and sitting quietly home wondering if your mom is ignoring you because you didn’t get first place in the Lil’ Miss Thang pageant or because she actually IS busy with work? I know I sure do.

My sister and I would always do crafts when this happened, and one of our favorites was to make little faces on our hands and talk to them. It was so cute!!

We’d get out the googly eyes, lipstick,  and glue and make friends with our fists.

These little hand faces are the inspiration behind my new diet trick. Instead of eating the food you’re craving, you feed it to your hand. It’s so easy!

As an added bonus, these little hand friends also tickle your maternal instincts because you get to take care of them and carefully gage what they do and don’t get to eat. It’s a win-win!

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