e-Femme-ral Nail Art

Romance author Rebecca Roybokssøn once said, “Life is unpredictable, it is ephemeral. It often slips through our grasp and falls away, much like the delicate petals of a dying flower”. Her words, as always, are poignant-potent even- and I think she is part of the inspiration for behind today’s post: The Des Geulasse E-femme-ral Nail Art.

My sister Primrose, as I’ve mentioned before, is obsessed with painting her nails and I would say that Efemmeral is the epitome of her style. It combines the brevity of life with the beauty found in the delicacy of women. It think it’s honestly the ultimate sign of femininity in the natural world.

To get this look all you need is some dry clear glue, a nail polish color of your choice, and flowers picked fresh from any garden.

Start by painting a base layer on your nails and letting it dry completely. Once the first step is done, lay out the flowers you want to use and then add a single drop of glue to each nail, starting with your non dominant hand.

Press your flower choices into the glue and let dry slightly before moving onto your next hand. You may need help for this- so just ask a friend and you can give each other manicures!

I love this look especially because it only lasts for as long as the flowers live. I think it’s the ultimate way to show how in tune with nature you are: by wearing something that will soon perish we are facing our own destinies and accepting them with feminine grace.

Just be careful: moving too much can destroy the flowers. If you plan on trying out the Efemmeral look I recommend not driving, dancing, walking for more than a few minutes, or really any other activity that requires kinetic energy. I know the nails may sound impractical, but it’s worth it for looking good for a few hours!

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