Define Your Relationship with this Quiz

Have you ever had to introduce the guy you’re seeing to friends or colleagues and struggled with what to call him? A and I used to have this problem all the time- boyfriend always felt so official but lover just sounds SO dirty! (Honestly after three years of dating I finally just decided to call him boyfriend behind his back 😉 )

To help other ladies out there with the same problem, my sister and I came up with a little quiz that can help you all decide what exactly to label your relationship. Try to answer honestly!!

Welcome to your Define Your Relationship Quiz

Name You Wish Your Parents Gave You
How long have you and the man/woman in question been going out?
When you go out to dinner, who pays?
Is the man/woman in question married to someone else?
Have either of you said 'I love you' yet?
If you had to choose between being alone forever or ending up with your soulmate, what would you choose?
Have you met his/her family?
What sort of music does he/she listen to?
In your honest opinion, will you have beautiful children or just okay looking kids with this person?
Would you murder for this person?
True or false, you lied on question number 1...

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    heather (delicious not gorgeous)
    August 14, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    i’m off the charts with a 50!! not even sure what that means ):

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