Contouring For Him

We are so happy to welcome our longtime friend and confidante to the team, Bebe Shildrén! Bebe is an expert in the fields of beauty, cooking, fashion- you name it!

Whenever I see a flawless face, contoured perfectly, I'm brought back to vivid memories from my childhood. I'm transported to a memory of applying mahogany lip liner in the Toys-R-Us parking lot and am reminded of my mom's favorite quote, "you're decent, but with the right makeup you could be pretty."

Recently, I was parked outside the Hair Store (obsessed!) and I glanced up at my boyfriend/manager's chiseled features. Despite his beauty, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He didn't wear any makeup at all and it was taking a toll on his vibrancy. The sun was shining behind him, illuminating his profile, showing the distinct features of his hooked nose and round cheeks. The sun shown directly behind his Adam's apple, and I swooned.

This is how Contouring For Him began. With nothing more than a memory, a parking lot, and a stroke of inspiration. I'm here to break this down into 5 easy steps so your boyfriend/manager can both assert his manliness and channel his inner Goddess. After all, wasn't it the apple that originally tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden? The allure of a man's Adam's apple, when contoured perfectly, may tempt you too to bring about a super sexy downfall of civilization. (Those fig leaves though!)

Disclaimer: I'm using a W3ll People Natural Highlight and Contour Duo, I was NOT paid by them and these opinions are entirely my own.

*I use non-toxic makeup on by BF/Manager because he has severe eczema and recently had an allergic reaction to Zima.

Pro-Tip: For a creamy look, try rubbing a little bit of clarified butter on his neck

1. I start by dipping my pointer finger in the light tan slime.

Pro-Tip: For a polished look try sifting some powdered sugar lightly on his neck

2. I dab my finger is the rusty sludge and trace around the crisp apple.

Pro-Tip: Don't overdo it, we're going for classy, not brassy (I'm here for it!)

3. Feel the edges of the apple with the edge of your thumb, push down and ensure you have traced entirely around the lil apple.

Pro-Tip: Avoid Products with Shimmer - He's a man, not a fish, Ladies!

4. Try using the edges of your finger to blend the tones together in a natural smoothness. To help me visualize, I like picturing the adam’s apple as Mt Fuji!

This one’s just a bonus so you can see the amazing “after” shot.


Editor’s Note: If your boyfriend has a neck beard, you can forgo the contouring all together and instead have him JUST shave the Adam's Apple. This is called the "Apple Oasis" and feel free to read more about it here. That's all for today. These sexy necks and man apples are Giving Me Life.


  1. Jennica

    THIS IS SO SEXY!!!!! Omg if my boyfriend hadn’t left me twenty years ago for his teacher I would totally do this on him!!!


  2. Herb

    Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. As an avid fan and man (a man fan, or ‘man’, if you will) I must say this is the first time I’ve found a post truly relevant to me. I enjoy everything you guys write about, but usually I don’t think it pertains to me. This does. Thanks.


  3. Mildo

    Can’t believe how good this looks, it’s amazing what a little clarified butter and sugar can do a man’s face. I know when I put a little sugar on my man’s neck, it always looks good (I used to use powdered sugar on Victor, until the divorce. And brown sugar on Tim to match his complexion)

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