Cocktails in Bloom

An Easy DIY to Brighten Your Next Dinner Party!

Hi all and welcome to our new blog, Desgeulasse. We’re just your average (okay, better than average!) sisters, Phyllis and Primrose, who are looking to make the internet a better (and prettier) place. Since this is our first official post we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and let you know what you’re in for.

Desgeulasse /day-goolosse/ – a title which combines our last names and our passion for French culture- is a personal yet profound blog that challenges the modern woman’s preconceived notions of ‘food’, ‘fashion’, ‘political upheaval’, ‘lifestyle’, and ‘beauty’. Here is a place where good looking things will always happen, and where the impossible becomes possible. We firmly believe that all things should be beautiful (you heard us right!) and will always try to inspire ascension and divination with each and every blog post.

So with that, welcome to Desgeulasse!

For the first official post, my sister (Primrose, or Prim as I often call her) and I decided to start off strong with one of our all time favorite summer DIYs. We are both OBSESSED with flower crowns. I mean really, is there anything more beautiful than an endless ring of fresh picked florals?? We like to wear them out at every chance we get- Coachella, Ralph’s, the beach, weddings,  you name it! Plus we don’t just limit the crowning to our heads (though we were both natural births duh). We put crowns on anything strong enough to hold up the weight of all that elegance.

Which brings me to the cutest little touch you MUST start adding to all your dinner parties: Cocktail Flower Crowns.

These are the easiest to make and they elevate every meal to a totally chic level. All you need are a variety of flowers and greenery (preferably in season) and some sort of tape (we use simple floral tape).

Then select the glassware you plan on using and simply form a circle with the flower that fits on the lip of each glass. You can always use extra tape here to ensure the crowns remain on the glass and don’t slide off willy nilly!

Once you’re done just fill with any alcoholic beverage and invite over a few friends to show off your Instagram worthy drinks! Be sure to have napkins ready for guests since it’s difficult (but not impossible) to drink through all those GORGEOUS flowers!

This DIY is so easy and so cute, it’s a definite summer must try 🙂

Pro Tip: If a guest is struggling to drink through the flower crown then definitely don’t invite them back to the next dinner party.


  1. Ramona N.

    Hi do you think this could work for my dog’s food bowl instead of on glasses? I like my dog a lot and think he would appreciate it.


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