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Jarre Tartare: 5 Minute Lunch in a Jar

Last year, before I became a full time blogger, I was working a 9-5 desk job as a receptionist in Los Angeles. Though most of the people I worked with were really great, I have no regrets about leaving it to pursue my lifestyle blog dreams. It was a job that paid the bills, but it lacked creativity and was in no way fulfilling. Some days all I did was answer the phone and greet people as they came through…

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TexMex Paletas

With bikini season around the corner, we’ve found ourselves replacing more and more meals with popsicles. They’re fresh, quick, healthy, and get us so excited for summer. Traditional fruit and booze popsicles have long been a Geulasse family favorite; I remember learning how much tequila would prevent our margarita popsicles from freezing before I knew how to make toast or pour cereal! But let’s face it, all that sugar in traditional popsicles does nothing for our waistlines, and this is not the…

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Mayo Frosted Cake

Welcome to the third installment of the Geulasse Sister’s Five Uses for Mayo for Your Cinco de Mayo! You should definitely check out part 1 and part II after this. This morning Primrose and I spent hours choosing between our favorite mayonnaise recipes, tips, tricks and treats (we have thousands!) and decided upon one of our favorites: The Mayo Frosted Cake. This low cal high flavor dessert is always a hit in the Geulasse household, and honestly it’s the perfect end of…

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Spice Drawer Tea

My sister, Primrose, and I grew up with amazingly hard working parents. It was such an inspiration for us to see how successful a person can be if they dream to achieve, but it could be hard when work kept them out for sometimes days at a time.…

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