Book Review: Sophomore Sommelier

Hi all, Primrose here! As many of you know, I’m a totally avid reader- I literally read so many books it’s hard to keep track of which story belongs to which title, hah! One time I had an entire conversation with a friend about how laugh out loud funny Howard Stern’s books are only to realize I meant Howard Zinn! That was a majorly embarrassing oopsy 🙁

One way I keep track of what I’ve read is by using this app. Have any of you tried it? It’s great, you can write things down and make notes and easily go back and change things! In the beginning I would write just the title of the books I finished, but after I while I realized if I wrote a little paragraph about it it would help me remember the plot better. From there I began to write in-depth reviews of every piece I read. Since I myself want to be a writer one day, this has been a great exercise in studying things like tone, literary devices, and steamy romance scenes.

Now that I’ve gone through so many book reviews, it seems only natural that I should bring them into to the bloglight! So my sister and I are proud to announce a new series: Book Reviews (cute title!).

For our very first book I’d like to talk about an old classic that you may or may not have read during your sophomore year of High School….

That’s right, it’s Sophomore Sommelier by Wallace Goulding!

Monday through Friday Eryk Barlow lives a mostly average high school life. He goes to school, cheats on pop quizzes, smokes a little bit of the reefer, and dreams that one day Holly Wheeler (aka Hotty Feelherup) will look his way. But what most of his friends (and Holly) don’t know is that once the weekend hits, Eryk steps into a different role: world renowned sommelier.
Eryk has spent over 10 years studying his craft and honing his gift, but because he’s not yet old enough to drink he works completely by scent and touch. With upcoming finals, unrequited love, and a booking to work as the sommelier for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (all on top of puberty) how will Eryk navigate High School and his high paying career?

Oh my gosh. I mean seriously, I have read this book at least twenty times! Like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. Eryk is the perfect main character, he’s simultaneously brooding and fun, mature and innocent, confident and tongue tied- I dare you to try and not like him 😉 But really, I’m still waiting on a sequel where he’s over 18…

One of my favorite sections of the book is when Eryk is picking out the perfect wine pairing for the first course of the Correspondent’s dinner. I’ve pulled an excerpt here:

“Eryk dipped his graceful fingers deep into the glass, letting them soak for a breath before bringing them up to his nose and inhaling the sharp scent of tobacco, hickory and cherry. He rubbed the wine across his upper lip, delighting in the zing of the aromas and the tickle of the liquid as it dripped down his hairless face. The tannins were divine.”

Honestly such gorgeously beautiful writing. I couldn’t recommend Sophomore Sommelier more!! 10/10.


  1. Lissa

    Awww!! This is one of my favorite books, really happy to see it here. As an avid reader I can’t tell you all how much I love seeing blogs do ACTUALLY GOOD book reviews.

  2. Layla

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I am so so so excited to see book reviews up on the blog, this is just a super cute and great idea!!!!!!! Love you ladies <3

  3. Heidi J.

    My daughter is a sophomore and saw that this was on her high school honors english class syllabus for the year. I obviously will be reading it so I can write her essay for her so she can get into college!!

  4. Mildo


    I read this book last night and I have to say I’m disappointed. Disappointed that I hadn’t read it sooner! What a roller coaster. I wouldn’t recommend the spiritual prequel, 6th Grade Port Wine Connoisseur. It had all the steam, but none of the substance!!

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