August Fashion Forecast

Quick little reader survey: how many of you have gone on a date or out to an event only to get there and realize you’re 100% wearing the wrong thing? I can’t even begin to tell you all the embarrassing times I’ve made a fashion whoopsie. Plaid on stripes? Check. Lingerie as pants? Check. This white dress to a wedding? Check (I actually made this mistake twice, but I have since learned my lesson and dyed it a light pink/blush).

Now in the decades since then I’ve certainly learned from my mistakes and grown to be what most people refer to as a ‘fashion maven’. This seems so conceited to admit, but nowadays I’m sort of the go-to girl on what’s hot and what’s not. At first this made me so uncomfortable. How could little ol’ me, Phyllis Geulasse, the girl who wore parachute pants well into the 2000s , give fashion advice?

Eventually I got used to it and am even now working on a coffee table book of all my best looks (the working title is Phalias: What’s Your Phashion Alias?).

Until the book gets released, however, my sister and I decided the best way to help our readers with a new series we call ‘The Fashion Forecast’. The goal is to give you all our best guess as to what will be IN next month (and let me tell you, we have our fingers pressed hard against the pulse of the fashion world).

So what’s our forecast for August?


You heard me right. Knits.

Chunky knits are back with a vengeance! Layer up with your wool sweaters and thick scarves because you are about to be the hottest girl on the block.

Knot only are knits the perfect way to avoid a sunburn as the temperatures rise globally, but covering yourself from head to toe will make you stand out in the crowd. No one is going to be looking at the girl in the bikini when there’s a girl bundled up on the sand. Knits add mystery and lumps in all the right places. All the guys will be wondering what’s underneath 😉


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