Our Approach

Desgeulasse is just your average lifestyle blog with a hint of extra spice. Let our  be your guide to fashion, beauty, food, drinks- you name it!

Our Story

We're a team of two sisters, Phyllis and Primrose, who were raised to be fiercely independent and ready to take on the world.

The name Desgeulasse comes from a combination of our last name, Geulasse, and a petit french word Des- which pretty much means this is our blog and you can count on us to tell it straight 😉 It's pronounced day-gooloss. We got the idea for the name after we lived in France together and people would ALWAYS say it to us. So cute!!!!


Meet the Team

Primrose Geulasse

Founder & CEO

Gemini, O negative

Phyllis Geulasse

Vice President

Capricorn, AB positive



Aries, O positive

Next Steps...

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